Alex Wong

When a project you're working on doesn't get the exposure or just due you feel it deserves, who do you call? You have a ton of fans, muscians, radio personalities and that ilk. Can we help?

Alex Wong responded on 10/08/2011

hey there, thanks for the question and sorry for the delay! i typically call ghostbusters, but when they don't pick up i just keep on making more music. you can't really dwell on why something is or is not successful... there are so many factors that are beyond your control. i find a better way to channel that energy if you're frustrated about something not blowing up the way you thought it should has been to try to outdo yourself on the next one. thanks so much for the offer to help! you can definitely help by spreading the word, encouraging people to buy my music and spreading the word some more :) i really appreciate the support! cheers, a

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