Alex Wong

how do you write your songs? how is it different when you are writing alone vs. collaborating with someone else?

Alex Wong responded on 12/26/2010

hey there, thanks for writing... i really thrive on the cooperative aspect of cowriting when it's with the right person and you have the right energy together. i've been lucky to find several collaborators who i trust and respect enough to let down my guard with them and really write something that's meaningful to me. i like the excitement of chasing an idea with another person, and for me it often allows me to move through blocks quicker. when i'm alone sometimes i'll let my self-editor shut me down, and having another perspective to assure you that maybe your idea wasn't so crappy after all can be a really good thing. at the same time there are also songs that i need to write alone, because the act of writing becomes part of the process of understanding the emotional issue at hand, and working through it in your own way. sort of like a poor man's personal therapy session...

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