Alex Wong

Hello alex im from argentina and in want to know about the a city on a lake álbum, because i dont understand if it is from a movie or justa an álbum. I like it very much!! Thank You and sorry about my english.
Best regards

Alex Wong responded on 07/18/2014

Hi Celso, thanks so much for writing!
The album is not an actual soundtrack to an existing film, but the songs were all written around a central theme. The title refers to the story of the history of Mexico City, which was built on top of the old Aztec Capitol which sat on a lake bed. The city has been dealing with the consequences of being built on a lake ever since and I thought it was an interesting metaphor for forces underneath the surface of things affecting what is on the surface. All the songs deal with this theme in some way. I classify my genre as "cinematic pop" so I'm glad you picked up on that! Thanks again for listening and keep in touch!

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